Real Gases: Crash Course Chemistry #14

Hank bursts our ideal gas law bubble, er, balloon, and brings us back to reality, explaining how the constants in the gas law aren’t all that constant; how the ideal gas law we’ve spent the past two weeks with has to be corrected for volume because atoms and molecules take up space and for pressure because they’re attracted to each other; that Einstein was behind a lot more of what we know today than most people realize; and how a Dutch scientist named Johannes van der Waals figured out those correction factors in the late 19th century and earned a Nobel Prize for his efforts.

Table of Contents
Constants in the Gas Laws Aren’t all that Constant 1:20
The Ideal Gas Law has to be Corrected for Volume and Pressure 3:26
Einstein was the Bomb 5:02
Van Der Waals Equation 9:38
Never Give Up! 10:08

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