Bullet Block Experiment

Higher: http://bit.ly/blockhigher
Same height: http://bit.ly/SameHeight
Lower: http://bit.ly/BlockLower

Special Thanks to:
Henry (MinutePhysics): http://www.youtube.com/minutephysics
Destin (Smarter Every Day): http://www.youtube.com/smartereveryday
Greg and Mitch (ASAP Science): http://youtube.com/asapscience
Elise Andrew (I F***ing Love Science): http://youtube.com/iflscience

Thanks to everyone at RIT and Dickinson College who helped with the making of this video:
Rochester Institute of Technology
Robert Teese, Katelyn Wilkerson, Andrew Gillie, Andrew Stidwill

Dickinson College
This experiment was the brainchild of David Jackson based on a demo at Princeton.
Priscilla Laws, Catrina Hamilton-Drager, Maxine Willis

High-speed camera support:
Charles Zwemer and Bria Antoine