Bullet Block Explained!

Watch the bullet block experiment first: http://bit.ly/bulletblock
Click for a free audiobook from Audible: http://bit.ly/ZJ5Q6z
An interactive vignette of the bullet block http://ivv.rit.edu/bby/

Can you figure out the spinning disk? http://bit.ly/spinningdisk

Thank you all for the awesome video responses and comments!!

Simulation: http://bit.ly/19SCVnl
Web comic: http://bit.ly/17o8HrR
Wired Blog: http://bit.ly/17o9Dwu
Science Blogs: http://bit.ly/17o9au3
Scientific American: http://bit.ly/19SDoWC
Le’s Blog: http://bit.ly/18q1m8a

Video responses from which I borrowed:

Thanks to everyone at RIT and Dickinson College who helped with the making of this video:
Rochester Institute of Technology
Robert Teese, Katelyn Wilkerson, Andrew Gillie, Andrew Stidwill

Dickinson College
This experiment was the brainchild of David Jackson based on a demo at Princeton.
Priscilla Laws, Catrina Hamilton-Drager, Maxine Willis

High-speed camera support:
Charles Zwemer and Bria Antoine

Music: Temper Trap “Love Lost (Instrumental)” and Lights & Motion “Epilogue” licensed from CueSongs.com