What Could Survive An Atomic Bomb?

I am nearing the end of a 6-week road trip filming for an Australian TV show called Catalyst (http://abc.net.au/catalyst). Along with co-presenters Anja and Simon, I have travelled from Perth towards our destination, Melbourne, picking up all the interesting science stories along the way.

Since we have been working long days I haven’t had time to make any new Veritasium material. Instead I thought I’d share some things I have done for this show in the past, including narrating short ‘factoid’ segments like this one. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season and I look forward to getting back to Veritasium stuff in a few weeks.

Nuclear Fungus
Producer: Nicky Ruscoe
Researcher: Kiri Beilby
Editor: Chris Spur
Graphics: Rapt Animation P/L